Our Mission: A healthy eye leads to a healthy life. Your eyes are the windows to your world. If your eyes are unwell with any preventable illness, your whole world looks dark.

We don't want that to happen in your lives. We're committed to helping patients and their families to facilitate them living a life with full/better vision. 

Your 'vision' is our 'Mission'.

How we work?

We are there to make life easy for eye patients. Eye treatment now is as easy as never before. It is affordable, reliable and convenient for any patient, anytime and anywhere. Child, young or old eye patient - all patients will have a smile.

Think of what an UBER does for you. It provides for the best ride of your choice at a reasonable cost and any time of the clock. It makes going around comfortable and convenient. Much as an OYO for a hotel room does or Zomato by getting you yummy food. We surely are heading for quick times.

Be it a child, a teenager and full grown adult or a senior old person; we have eye treatment windows for all. You could be in a big city, small town, or a countryside village, we will be with you everywhere. All this with www.eyecarehelpline.com for affordable lifetime eye care

How a patient reaches us:

Just come on our Eye Care Helpline. Click your city/town/village, gender, age, eye problem & fill in your contact details, and you are there. Within seconds you will get the appointment generated. We will direct you to your nearest hospital and best eye doctor. You can choose the visit time and day of your choice. The best available eye specialist, an ophthalmologist or an eye surgeon will be at your service and less than the usual market cost.

Isn't this very easy! It surely is. That is what our cheerful eye patients tell us. We are receiving tremendous feedback from our happily treated patients.

What we treat

With our Eye Care Helpline, we receive both OPD and in-house patients. We cover an entire range of illnesses from paediatric- ophthalmology, cataract, squint, LASIK, laser eye treatments, retinal surgeries, Glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, Diabetic Retinopathy and various other critical eye diseases.

Our Doctors & Surgeons

We have the services of best ophthalmologists, optometrists and eye surgeons ready for you. Each one of our affiliated doctors has a sub-specialisation and best expertise in his or her domain. They are well experienced, reliable and certified from the national and international regulating bodies. Their services profiles are respected and the ones you can trust.

Our Safety standards and quality care:

Patient convenience  is what we strive to achieve . Our service model is based on generating patient trust and better satisfaction. To achieve this, we have joined hands with the top eye hospitals and best eye clinics of every city and town nearest to you. We prioritize, when they are registered, accredited and certified by the standardisation bodies like NABH and the various ophthalmology associations.

Our Infrastructure & technology for eye care:

Be it eye treatment equipment, patient care infrastructure or post-operative care facilities; we aim to tie up with the best. Our associate eye clinics and hospitals stand fully equipped with the latest eye treatment machinery and technology. Because you- the valued patient, deserves the best eye care. Our assurances are 100% for quality and safe treatment provided by our associate service providers.

Our Support facilities

All our associate hospitals and clinics generally cover Eye-OPD, indoor Admissions, Eye-diagnostics, Operation Theatres, discounted Optical Outlets, individual Day Care Recovery Suites, hygienic, visitor restrooms and provisions of spacious Cafeteria and refreshment outlets.

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