In this video, there is discussion about Diabetic Eye Diseases, Diabetic Retinopathy & Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy. Can diabetes make you blind? Is the treatment painful? can I go blind?
The video explains about causes and symptoms of Eye Allergies. It explains about Eye Allergies, Types of Eye Allergies, Causes of Eye Allergies, Symptoms of Eye Allergies, Drops for Eye Allergies, and Other Treatments for Eye Allergies.
This video tells about symptoms, causes, and treatment of Eye Watering. Why its Watery Eyes, what is its treatment, and what are its reasons.
What is Black fungus infection or mucormycosis after covid-19 infection. Causes, Symptoms of Black Fungus infection or mucormycosis, how to prevent Black Fungus infection or mucormycosis, Treatment of Black Fungus infection or mucormycosis.
This video explains Advanced Customized Laser Eye Surgery to Remove Specs. Lasik LASER EYE Surgery, an advanced customized laser eye surgery to remove specs, and also speaks about the detailed customized procedure of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery and how it will be a game-changer for your vision as well as for your eyes.
This video explains about latest technological advancements in cataract surgery. Artificial Intelligence-based Cataract surgery, FEMTO LASER ROBOTIC Cataract Surgery, How Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role to improve your vision with cataract surgery.
This video will tell about the removal of spectacles permanently after Cataract Surgery. It explains the specs removal by the implementation of multifocal lenses, EDOF VIVID Lens IOL. The video also tells about the best lens for cataract surgery.
This video will give you a brief understanding of what LASIK laser surgery is all about by focusing on the different types of LASIK laser, its suitability criteria, all the available options for people who are not fit for it, conditions under which the surgery cannot be performed, post-surgery precautions and recovery, and cost.
This video explains the causes and reasons that why spectacle power returns after LASIK. What are the reasons for returning myopia or specs power?
This video will delve into how a cataract surgery is done, the two types of cataract surgery, types of IOLs or Intraocular lenses that are available and implanted during a cataract surgery and the ones best suited for you.
This video will lay focus on various types of Intraocular Lenses or IOLs that exist and will talk about each of their individual features. It will further help you understand what kind of IOL will be best-suited for you and your eyes.
In this Video you will get to know that What is the Corneal Blindness, What are the Common Causes for the same;in what ways this Disease can be treated and the Preventive Measures we can take.
The video explains that how spectacles can be removed permanently at the age of 40 through ICL, IPCL, Monovision Lasik, Refractive Lens, and Exchange RLE.
This video will talk about how excess screen time can harm the vision of children and so, it is extremely important for parents to set aside rules and restrictions on screen time to prevent their vision from deteriorating.
This video will provide you with a background on peripheral ulcerative keratitis. Further, it will focus on the clinical approach in the diagnosis and investigations of this disease, medical and surgical management, indication of immunosuppression and drugs.
Effect of Mobile usage on eyes of Children, its side effects on Children not only on eyes but also on their full Body.
This video revolves around dry eyes, its symptoms, causes, treatment and home remedies to cure this eye condition.
This video gives us an in-depth understanding of Glaucoma – an eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve. The video defines Glaucoma and tellsus the difference between Glaucoma and Cataract. It then goes on to elaborate on various types of Glaucoma, the people who are at risk, how it is diagnosed and treated, and some important pointers about this eye disease.
This video delves into various aspects of Squint; about how it is caused, the psychological impact it has on people with squint and breaks down various myths about its treatment.
This video will take you through numerous aspects of Glaucoma like how this condition affects vision, factors responsible for its development, the three types of treatment options and more.
This video explores and defines an eye condition called Cataract. It will give you a peek into the signs, symptoms and causes of cataract, varied types of cataract, the people who are at risk of getting this eye condition, available treatment options and tells you when exactly the right time for a cataract surgery is .