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In this video Dr. Jatin tells about What is Cataract and what are the causes of Cataract.
This video gives details about Cataract Surgery. It is the Patient Guide for the Cataract Surgery
This video tells about that which Lasik Surgery Procedure is Best. There are different Lasik Procedures like Standard Lasik, Customized Lasik, FEMTO Lasik, Blade Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, Contoura Vision, SMILE Lasik, Topoguided Lasik, PRK, FLAP Lasik, Flapless Lasik.
In this video Dr Jatin tells that which lens in best for your Cataract Surgery. Dr Jatin also tells and helps you in selection of lens for your cataract surgery.
The video tells about Laser Cataract Surgery, version Image Guide System, Femto second Laser Cataract Surgery with Artificial Intelligence.
The video tells about effect of diabetes on eyes. Tells about Diabetic Retinopathy.
Dr.Jatin Ashar speaks about Glaucoma, Glaucoma Meaning, Glaucoma Symptoms, Causes of Glaucoma, Glaucoma Treatment and Prevention of Glaucoma.
In this video Doctor tells about Cataract Surgery with EDOF Lens the benefits of EDOF Lens, Who are eligible for Cataract surgery with edof IOL, Side effects of EDOF Lenses and freedom from glasses after cataract surgery with EDOF lenses
In this video Doctor talks about Cataract surgery with Multifocal IOL. The advantages and disadvantages of using multifocal lens is also discussed in this video.
In this video doctor talks about Complete Treatment of Dry Eyes, Latest treatment fir dry eyes and also about IPL Treatment of Dry Eyes
This video give details about Keratoconus Treatment with Specs Removal. Video tells us about how to remove specs in early stage of keratoconus with keratoconus treatment. Trans PRK with C3R
In this video doctor tell about the Eye Drops for common Eye Problems like Red Eyes, Itching, Pain, Infection, Dry Eyes. And also about Antibiotic Eye Drops, Lubricating Eye Drops, Anti Inflammatory Eye Drops, Anti-Glaucoma Eye Drops, Eye Ointments.
In this video Dr Akshaya Goyal tells about the Latest Advances In Cataract Treatment
The video explains about causes and symptoms of Eye Allergies. It explains about Eye Allergies, Types of Eye Allergies, Causes of Eye Allergies, Symptoms of Eye Allergies, Drops for Eye Allergies, and Other Treatments for Eye Allergies.
This video tells about symptoms, causes, and treatment of Eye Watering. Why its Watery Eyes, what is its treatment, and what are its reasons.
What is Black fungus infection or mucormycosis after covid-19 infection. Causes, Symptoms of Black Fungus infection or mucormycosis, how to prevent Black Fungus infection or mucormycosis, Treatment of Black Fungus infection or mucormycosis.
This video explains Advanced Customized Laser Eye Surgery to Remove Specs. Lasik LASER EYE Surgery, an advanced customized laser eye surgery to remove specs, and also speaks about the detailed customized procedure of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery and how it will be a game-changer for your vision as well as for your eyes.
This video explains about latest technological advancements in cataract surgery. Artificial Intelligence-based Cataract surgery, FEMTO LASER ROBOTIC Cataract Surgery, How Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role to improve your vision with cataract surgery.
This video will tell about the removal of spectacles permanently after Cataract Surgery. It explains the specs removal by the implementation of multifocal lenses, EDOF VIVID Lens IOL. The video also tells about the best lens for cataract surgery.
This video will give you a brief understanding of what LASIK laser surgery is all about by focusing on the different types of LASIK laser, its suitability criteria, all the available options for people who are not fit for it, conditions under which the surgery cannot be performed, post-surgery precautions and recovery, and cost.
This video explains about Injections in the Eye. It explains and tells about the injections used while retina surgery or diseases in the retina. Like injections given at the time of Diabetic Retinopathy.