This is an eye disorder that tends to reduce your eye sight overtime. Human eye lens in normal conditions sees objects clear. But if you notice a blur or a hazy vision, you might well have developed cataract. If your haziness worsens further then there needs to be an urgent treatment. This may include surgical intervention. Such treatment is simple but mandatory. Delay of ignorance of treatment can cost you your all precious "vision".

Causes: Cataract starts out small and at first have little effect on your vision but as age progresses, so does it. There are many possible reasons for getting cataract even at young age as well. Old people have higher chances of cataract but remember anyone can get it anytime. Patients can even have it in both eyes. Right information about the causes is the best remedy. Actually, we don't know for sure why the eye's lens has vision loss with age. But medical research has identified several factors that may cause cataracts. Besides old age, cataract may be caused by:

  • Exposure to Ultraviolet radiation
  • Excessive use of corticosteroid medications
  • High Blood Sugar (diabetes)
  • Hypertension (very High Blood pressure)
  • Eye injury or previous eye surgery
  • By birth or family history
  • Addictions like Smoking. Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Obesity or cholesterol reduction medicine

Diagnosis: has a large team of ophthalmologists & professional support staff. They will examine and test your eyes to make a cataract diagnosis. We cover all important tests for cataract detection. For an in time diagnosis, get an eye examination every year if you're older than 65, or every two years if younger. Your complete eye exam will begin with dilation. The simple procedure of dilation requires widening your eyes using eye drops.


  • Eat balanced diet: Food high on antioxidants and glutathione rich foods. Green fresh foods, sprouts like broccoli, asparagus, spinach and Brussels are considered eye friendly foods. Eat fruits like avocados, grapefruit and strawberries. All this is eye healthy diet. has qualified professionals to guide you through.
  • Keep taking natural fluids and water: Research suggests hydration is a key method in slowing the progression of cataract. Regular water intake helps our body remove bad toxins and keeping your eye healthy.
  • Avoid Smoking & Alcohol habits. Excessive consumption of liquor makes you're more likely to get cataract condition. Similarly, every time you smoke, free radicals are created within your eyes. These radicals release toxins and chemicals which adversely affects your eye health.
  • Monitor and maintain Blood Sugar: Higher levels of blood sugar (diabetes) affect your eye health, which may lead to cataract formation. Track it with our help and don't let it exceed to high levels that can make your eye swollen. Further, our eye lenses convert blood sugar into a compound called sorbitol. Excess quantity of this may well reduce the quality of vision. Also chances of getting cataract are more likely.
  • Regular eye checkups: Simplest method is to go for eye checkups from a specialist doctor or ophthalmologist. is the simplest way to get that done. Pick up the phone or text us on our app. And we will manage everything for you. Use of glasses with protection against UVA and UVB rays is always an advised method. It also reduces chances of any possible physical injury.


We offer you the best treatment because we have the best doctors. Our experience is unmatched in cataract treatment. We are affordable and we best care your vision. Thousands of satisfied cataract patients make us the best among the lot.

If your cataract symptoms are not bothering you much, you need not to remove a cataract. Instead, you might just need a new eyeglass prescription from our doctors to help you see well.

Surgery: We advise you surgery only when your cataract conditions are seriously coming in your way of normal life. We transparently discuss your treatment plan and keep patients interests first. If required, our experienced surgeons will remove your eye's cloudy natural lens. This gets replaced with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens (or IOL). Treatment cost varies depending upon the diagnosis report and nature of your cataract. Prices of IOL lens also figures into the final cost of your cataract surgery. Complete satisfaction of patients and treatment affordability remains our top concerns.

Key Points to Select The Lens/ IOL For The Cataract Surgery :

Most Important thing is to decide the VISION correction level you are looking forward, Post Cataract Surgery i.e.

Distance Only : Monofocal
Distance + Cylinderical : Monofocal Toric
Distance + Near : Multifocal
Distance + Intermediate : EDOF
Distance + Near + Cylinderical : Multifocal Toric
Distance + Intermediate + Near : Trifocal
Distance + Intermediate + Near + Cylinderical : Trifocal Toric

Next thing is to Look for the manufacturing material being used in the making of the Lens/ IOL which is categorized as
Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

The last thing is to decide the Company make/ Model Number i.e.

Further you can read more to understand the depth of Lense/ IOL being Spherical & Aspheric, Preloaded or Non-Preloaded with the incision x.x mm

You have multiple choices/ options to select & search the Lens/ IOL being manufactured by the Company/ Model Number to get the best expected vision post cataract surgery.

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