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The following 'Terms of Service use' as described here constitute a legally binding agreement between this portal/service user (Patients, authorized attendants, legal guardians of child patients, site visitors or service takers) and Eye Care Helpline Pvt. Ltd. (registered parent body of    and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

These specified terms and conditions shall govern the use of this web service portal, associated service app, affiliate call centers (collectively referred to )  which enables the User/patient to connect with us in relation to the medical services offered through the Eyec are and medical treatment.

Please ensure to go through these terms carefully before choosing, using, obtaining or availing any service directly or indirectly or parts of Services from any hospital, clinic, eye specialist or related trade service including optometrist, opticians or chemist using this portal. If for any reason, specified or nonspecified,  you choose not to agree with these Terms of Use you may refrain from using the Services in full or partial. These conditions must be read, understood and complied with to avail the free or paid version of this online services portal. and the ownership entity  Eye Care Helpline Pvt. Ltd. reserves the exclusive right to modify, alter, delete or add these Terms of Use, in part or full,  at any time at its sole discretion and operational necessity. It is solely your (patient/visitor/legal guardian) responsibility to keep yourself updated with the Terms of Use from time to time.  Your visiting this site and checking in the 'Terms of service' box at the login or punching in your details in the SEARCH box would be deemed to be an acceptance & compliance of these terms and the modifications thereto.

1. Patient/site Visitor Eligibility: This service portal requires you to be legally adult as defined by the country/region /state of your actual service access. While individuals under the stipulated legal age may utilize/browse this platform, they shall do so only with the involvement, guidance, and supervision of their parents, adult siblings or legal guardians/custodians only. They cannot obtain service in part or full on their own and such patents or visitors need to be logged in through legal guardians/parents/caretakers. Understanding English to the point of reading and comprehensions of these terms of- use as detailed here is also a must and legally binding.

2. Operational Scope: is essentially a service bridge between a *Service Provider (hospital, clinic ophthalmologist, doctor, Surgeon) and Service Consumer* (patient, Attendant, Site visitor).  This eye care helpline does not of its own provide any eye care services, ophthalmic counseling or carry out surgical interventions. All such services are provided by our affiliate and registered eye hospitals, eye clinics, individual doctors and surgeons and their associated staff. They are collectively referred to as 'Third Party' in this document from here on.

3. Service liability: Once a service consumer/ patient chooses to take our service for reaching to a 'Third Party' service provider, our part is over. From there on a patient and hospital/clinic/eye specialist are directly connected and shall handle all their dealings independently between them. We (this helpline) shall have no role, binding or responsibility whatsoever in what transpires between them. All further issues, transactions, disputes, disagreements, liabilities, penalties, rewards are between service providers and service consumers. This service or its subsidiaries or owners have no role and no legal or technical responsibility in that come what may. 

4. Heath Assistants:  The service provision of a 'health Assistant' is part of our innovative work model. This can be made available   only if requested by the patient or his legal guardian without any extra fee or charges.  The role of this Health assistant is exclusively advisory in nature and Not interventionist. They (health Assistants) help better liaise and facilitate patient satisfaction component. if the patient has any issues with the hospital/doctor in terms of not getting adequate medical attention or service satisfaction, in that case, the patient or his legal guardian can share same in writing with us through our handle or call us at our service number.  we, in turn, will forward and take up the specific matter with hospital administration. the patient will be kept in the communication  loop with the administration feedback and the steps that they may take for complaint redressal. If need arises, this exercise could be repeated so as to contribute to better patient service satisfaction.

5 Heath Assistants service is not a legal right. The service of the 'heath assistant' is  not a matter of right for any patient using our platform. They are purely at the sole discretion of this helpline subject to availability, the scope of advice, technical feasibility and also in concurrence with 'Third Party's' own regulations and operational bindings.

6. Disputes and Arbitration : In case of any dispute between 'Third Party' service providers and service consumers ( patients)  routed through this portal; it is for the internal policy and service terms of that particular hospital, clinic, doctor or support staff to deal, handle and negotiate agreements and redressal. This service portal has no liability, obligation or reasons to intervene. However, in the exception that both parties (Which are 'Third Party' service provider and *Service consumer - patients and their legal guardians /site visitors) wish and approach us for arbitration and resolution, that can be considered at the merit and scope of intervention by us and the same shall duly be communicated to both approaching parties

7. legal jurisdiction : In case the dispute escalates between the 'Third Party' service providers and consumers, then it is the local court of that demographic jurisdiction in which the hospital, clinic or individual professional operates to be the adjudication body and forum for resolution.

8. Indemnification. By agreeing to our service terms and site use, You legally consent to fully indemnify or hold us - viz  ( site Founder, its owner, board  of directors, viz Eye Care Helpline Pvt. Ltd. , its staff & subsidiaries   harmless from any claim or demand, including legal financial or service liabilities that may arise out of any dispute , disagreement or default by any third party service provider.

9. Advertising/branding /promotions. All Third Party Services,  ophthalmic care products, data acquisition forms / platforms of third parties may be featured, advertised, promoted or be made available, routed to  on or through this web portal. Representations, claims, assertions, benefits, rewards   made regarding such services, products and data gathering mechanism provided by third parties are strictly governed by their own policies and has per se no bearing on us legally or technically

10. Service user Will: After being eligible to use this service portal in accordance with point one of this document as listed above, I have read, understood and am voluntarily agreeing to comply with all the specific conditions as illustrated above for using I wilfully consent to use this platform for availing services of my chosen/ preferred doctor / surgeon /eye hospital among the available or given or advised choices. I shall solely be dealing with/managing/ pursuing my onward treatment journey and I have no legal, technical or moral right to invoke any liabilities on with reference to my treatment that I have consciously opted for. I also understand that these 'Terms of use' extend and cover all our content and marketing platforms including our official social media handles and web communication tools.

11. Law : Our Terms of service and web site users will be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India with reference to the state of Punjab and within the jurisdiction of the lower courts at Bathinda in Punjab . However, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to commence and pursue proceedings in alternative jurisdictions within the country, if need by or as it suits us.

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