Blog : 111 - Dr. Parul Gupta

10 Years Experience
Punjab, Bathinda

Busting 9 Myths about Cataracts

False Information can be Injurious to Health
We are surrounded with information all the time. And it is quite plausible that some of it can be untrue. We tend to choose believing misinformation over questioning its accuracy.

Information concerning health oftentimes gets entangled in this web of inaccuracy as well. This can be rather dangerous because it could lead to bigger health problems.

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Blog : 110 - Dr. Chintan Dedhia

Eye Care for People with Diabetes

Multisystem disorder
Diabetes affects various organs of our body especially eyes, kidneys and nerves. Any age group can be affected.

Eye involvement in Diabetes
In comparison to people who don't have diabetes, diabetics have a greater chance of developing eye complications and blindness. Every part of the eye is affected. Following are various eye conditions caused due to diabetes.

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Blog : 109 - Dr. Kashish Gupta

17 Years Experience
Punjab, Bathinda

How to Choose the Right Intraocular Lens (IOL)

What are Intraocular Lenses?

Your natural eye lens turns blurry following the removal of cataract. Intraocular Lens (aka IOL) is implanted in the eye to restore vision to the optimal.

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Blog : 108 - Dr. Indeevar V Mishra

7 Years Experience
Maharashtra, Mumbai

An In-Depth Understanding of Glaucoma

Defining Glaucoma

The optic nerve is a nerve located at the back of the eye and is a connection between the eye and the brain. The primary function of the optic nerve is to pass visual information from the retina to the brain.

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Blog : 107 - Dr. Sanjeev Duggal

23 Years Experience
Punjab, Jalandhar

Getting Rid of Glasses/Contact Lenses

Why do people opt for a LASIK Eye Surgery or ICL? A lot of people who wear prescription glasses or contact lenses on a day-to-day basis would much rather live their lives without having to wear either. For these people a LASIK surgery or implantation of ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) are preferred options.

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Blog : 106 - Dr. Amit Gupta

12 Years Experience
Haryana, Ambala

All About Squints

What is a Squint?
A squint is an eye condition in which the eyes do not align properly. The reason being, the extraocular muscles (muscles that control the movement of the eye and the eyelid) do not function together, making it tough for both the eyes to look at the same spot, at the same time.

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Blog : 105 - Dr. Amit Gupta

12 Years Experience
Haryana, Ambala

Children and Eye Problems

Detecting the Possibility of an Eye Problem
Have you noticed your child sitting extremely close to the television while watching a program? Or if your child has been consistently making innumerable mistakes while taking down notes in school?

If the answer is yes, you must take them seriously as these could be indicators of some existing eye problem/s.

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Blog : 104 - Dr. Amit Gupta

12 Years Experience
Haryana, Ambala

The Dangers of Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing Your Eyes is a Bad Idea
You may rub your eyes due to an infection or allergy. Or you may do it out of habit or reflex.

Whatever be the reason, the bottom line is - rubbing your eyes is damaging. Rubbing your eyes constantly or too aggressively can potentially damage the cornea (lens of the eyes). This further leads to an impaired vision or infection that would require medical attention.

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Blog : 103 - Dr. Manpreet Singh

15 Years Experience
Punjab, patiala

Eye Allergies: Allergic Conjunctivitis

Conjunctiva and Conjunctivitis
The immune system produces proteins called antibodies/immunoglobulins to prevent intruders like allergens (substances that cause allergies) from entering the body. In the case of conjunctivitis too, when the allergens are spotted these antibodies are produced. The antibodies then make a trip to the cells of the eyes, causing an allergic reaction due to the release of chemicals by the cells.

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Blog : 102 - Dr. Amit Gupta

12 Years Experience
Haryana, Ambala

Eye Care in the Digital Age

Overuse of Digital Devices is harmful
We live in a world where the use of digital gadgets has increased greatly because of the plethora of information and entertainment it provides us with. Excessive usage of TVs, computers and mobile phones is quite alarming, especially when it comes to children. Reason being, they're perpetually exposed to it whether they're at home or in school.

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