Myths and Facts about Eye Donation

Eye donation is the most noble act done by anyone. Without eyes life can become worthless. Hence we must promote eye donation so that the blind may may see after one is gone. 

However there are some myths due to which people do not donate their eyes after death. These need to be busted. The following are the top 5 ones..

Myth 1.  Eye donation can cause disfigurement of face.
Fact: Eye donation does not disfigure the face as only the cornea are removed and replaced by a shell so that when the eyes are closed it appears normal.

Myth 2: Eye donation disables our vision in the next birth or heaven
Fact: Nobody is sure of the next birth and if there is one then one comes with a fresh body and does not need his ‘old’ eyes of the previous birth!

Myth 3: Eye donation can be done even when alive 
Fact: While the kidneys may be donated from a live person to the other, eye donation is done only after death.

Myth 4: Eye donation can help every blind person
Fact: Only persons with opacity of their corneas (front transparent part of the eye) are benefitted while others with blindness related to retina or optic nerve do not benefit from eye donation 

Myth 5: If one has undergone an eye surgery or has retinal problems cannot donate
Fact: Every person whether young or old, any religion, any blood group or whether having undergone a surgery or with retinal or optic nerve issues can donate their eyes.