Online Classes, Screen Time and Kids

Why increased screen time is harmful?

  • Risk factor for myopia
  • Causes behavioural issues – child becomes irritative and shows temper tantrums
  • Irregular sleep pattern
  • Loss of social skills – does not mix with the surroundings

Screen time Guidelines

<2 years – only video call with a distant parent

2-5 years – Less than 1 hour/day

>6 years- Under moderation – follow guidelines below

For Parents


  • Follow 20-20-20 rule (every 20 min – look 20ft away/out of the window- for 20 sec)
  • Posture – Sit upright with back straight
  • Screen position – Keep laptop 18-24 inch apart, slightly lower than eye level
  • Screen size- Connect to a bigger screen like TV and watch at a distance
  • Remind kids for frequent blinking of eyes
  • Use screen protectors/ matte films to reduce reflections
  • Adjust screen brightness so that it is comfortable watching and there is no glare 
  • Open space activities/ physical training – This can be done along with parents as well
  • Keep screen-free zones/time – such as dinner table / Bedtime – So that no gadgets are allowed during that time.


  • Sit directly in front of AC / fan – as eyes gets dried up quickly 
  • Watching screen in dim light / very bright light (sunlight)
  • Increase the parental screen time – Kids mostly imitate their parents

For Teachers

  • Limit online class timings
  • Allow frequent short breaks every 20 min (ask children to look away from screen /out of the windows for 20 seconds)
  • Advocate sitting at a distance to the screen
  • Avoid digital modes of homework
  • Promote book reading than watching videos