Combating Cataract and Protecting Sight

Combating Cataract मोतियाबिंद and Protecting Sight

India is rated among the fastest developing countries. When it comes to health parameters of its majority population, it is worrisome. Eyecare & eye diseases are no different. *A study published recently by the BBC News in its health segment quotes figures gathered from nearly 190 countries. It mentions more than 25 crore people with moderate to severe eye diseases in the world. Ninety per cent of these eye patients live in developing countries. One-third of such visually impaired population lives in India alone. Put simply, among every five eye patients of the world, two live in India.

Lead causes of blindness. Cataract is the key cause of blindness among aged individuals of rural India. Most of these cases of pending blindness are avoidable if given the required treatment; reveals an **India today article. Eye diseases like Refractive errors and Glaucoma are other lead causes of blindness. Data gathered by the well respected anti-blindness charity- ***Sightsavers, actively working in over 30 nations reveal that there is a significant rise in eye diseases like cataracts. मोतियाबिंद This is a condition of a hazy vision as the eye lens gets cloudy generally with old age.
Expert Doctors needed. The catch is that most of such eye disease cases are that of avoidable blindness. The report calls for better eye care infrastructure, trained staff, skilled eye surgeons and also awareness of the eye health, especially in semi-urban, tier two and three towns,, and rural areas.

You can help stop avoidable blindness: No person, whether rich or poor would remotely want to be blind or a victim of preventable eye disease. But who is going to fill in the blanks and cater to such a massive number of poor cataract patients? Remember, most of these eye disease patients are from the low-income group. These ignorant eye patients generally live in tier two and tier three towns; besides in villages and remote areas. Well, there is an intense need to an outreach, mapping such cases of eye diseases and then drive the resources to the patients and not the other way.

Join hands to rid blindness: Governments, Corporate houses or private sector alone even with their best intentions won't reach everywhere. It is practically not possible for these agencies to deliver and fight these preventable eyes diseases. The challenge is massive. It needs a tango and handshake of the human spirit and collective responsibility.

Donate and Spread Vision: Each of us with a capacity to donate; should donate. Individual sponsorships of one, two, five or ten patient treatment cost will reduce this considerable backlog of eye disease patients. Just a handful of willing donors from a village or small town can reverse the tide and give vision to many of those.

Human cause for a happy world: There is perhaps no better empowerment that the one of giving hope and reason to live to a would-be blind. You are not saving an individual by bearing his (eye) treatment cost but a whole family associated with him. You are turning their despair to hope, pulling them out of the darkness and making your community, village, and country proud with a small donation/Sponsorship amount of few thousand rupees

We help many patients: That is how you can make a difference, and that is precisely how we are making a difference. Our team of ophthalmologists, eye surgeons with their hospital networks & field staff has been at it for many years now. We reach areas and places where others don't ask for best and subsidised treatment of eye diseases. As on date, our surgeons have performed over 10 thousand free/sponsored/subsidised eye disease surgeries of cataract and associated refractive lens disorders. We have set up scores of free eye camps, mobile clinics and even opened up doors of our hospital networks across the state of Punjab.
Most of this is done with the active collaboration of charities, local NGO's and individual donors. We team up all our resources, and together we give vision to the visionless, hope to the hopeless and bring cheer to such helpless families, who have lost it in the darkness of their poverty.

Join our noble cause. Together we bring smiles and Change lives for good. We help treat Eye diseases at an affordable cost

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